Infinite Golf


The game of golf that never ends



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Infinite Golf is, as the name suggests, a golf game in which you can shoot holes without stopping, until the end of time. You get three shots on each hole, and if you don't get the ball in the hole by then, it's game over. But if you do manage to make it, you can keep playing.

The controls in Infinite Golf are very intuitive: you just slide your finger backwards to set the strength and height of each shot. The first few holes are really easy, on flat fields with few mountains. As you advance, however, the difficulty of each hole increases, adding lots of mountains and other types of difficult terrain.

Infinite Golf is a fun and simple golf game, and although it isn't particularly original or beautiful, it delivers an entertaining gaming experience. As you get higher scores, you can also unlock new levels.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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